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Some people worry that they don’t have enough information about Vietnam before arriving.  A few problems visitors may have when visiting Vietnam, and Hue especially. Here are some warnings and tips to help you avoid problems during your visit to Hue. We do hope that these informations may be useful if this is the first time you visit Vietnam.

Individuals on the street (most of them are motobike driver) try to sell marijuana to travelers and also  pandering  for prostitutes who collects part of their earnings. Normally, they will try to treat your money more than what you should pay for.. If you dont want to having any problem from this, please avoid to these people.

How to avoid taxi scam

What is the best way to get from the airport or train station to my hotel? At Phu Bai Airport, the airport taxi service is reliable and safe which you get from outside the arrivals hall. Do not take a scam taxi. Scam taxi drivers may try to take you to the wrong hotel so make sure you have the full hotel address and telephone number. Make sure the meter is on when you order a taxi. We strongly advise you to book our airport or train station pick up service before you arrive. One of our drivers will meet you with your name sign.

Your valuable items

Please DO NOT walk around with your passport, credit cards or lots of money.  Be aware of pick pockets especially in crowded areas. Carry only what you need and leave your valuable items in your  box safe  or in our reception safe.

Street vendors

When you are walking around street sellers may pester you to buy postcards or something els. They may scam you and charge you too much. It is best to buy these items in bookshops or reputable

Changing money

Change your money in reputable places or hotel receptions or banks , do not change money from the ladies walking around street. When changing money, count the notes to make sure you have received the correct amount. Always check that you hand over the right money and receive the right change when purchasing something.